Bottom Paints

  1. Sea Hawk Tropikote Antifouling Paint

  2. Sea Hawk Talon Antifouling Paint

    $53.47 - $121.58
  3. Sea Hawk Sharkskin Antifouling Paint

    $71.53 - $203.41
  4. Sea Hawk Islands 77 Plus Antifouling Bottom Paint

  5. Sea Hawk Islands 44 TF Black Dual-Biocide Antifouling Paint - 1005TF/GL

  6. Sea Hawk Zinc Free Barnacle Blocker - 505A

  7. Interlux Micron CSC HS Antifouling Bottom Paint

  8. Interlux Micron WA Antifouling Bottom Paint

    $67.11 - $257.59
  9. Interlux Ultra-Kote Antifouling Bottom Paint

  10. Pettit Hydrocoat SR Ablative Antifouling Bottom Paint

  11. Pettit Copper Bronze Antifouling Bottom Paint

    $144.24 - $299.99
  12. Pettit Old Salem Hard Racing Non-Antifouling Bottom Paint - 1959Q

  13. Flexdel Armor Copper-Free Antifouling Paint

    $54.99 - $173.99
  14. Rebate

    Interlux VC-17M Thin Film Antifouling Bottom Paint

  15. Pettit Trinidad XSR Triple Biocide Hard Antifouling Paint

    $381.99 - $415.99
  16. Sea Hawk AF-33 Antifouling Bottom Paint

    $49.99 - $155.99
  17. Sea Hawk Biocop TF Dual Biocide Antifouling Bottom Paint

  18. Sea Hawk Biocop TF Dual Biocide Antifouling Bottom Paint/Additive

    $46.29 - $48.29
  19. Sea Hawk ColorKote Vibrant Antifouling Bottom Paint

    $93.49 - $269.48
  20. Sea Hawk Cukote Antifouling Bottom Paint

    $73.99 - $236.99
  21. Sea Hawk Monterey Water Based Antifouling Bottom Paint

    $54.99 - $168.99
  22. Sea Hawk Smart Solution Antifouling Paint

    $43.29 - $240.93
  23. Propspeed Foulfree Transducer Coating Kit - 15 ml - FF15K

  24. Propspeed Lightspeed Foul-Release Underwater Light Kit - 15 ml - LSP15K

  25. Propspeed Propeller and Running Gear Coating System

    $186.99 - $386.99
  26. Pettit Unepoxy HRT Seasonal Antifouling Paint

    $45.99 - $139.99
  27. 12% off

    Pettit Vivid Antifouling Paint

    $104.99 - $374.95
    $104.99 - $329.95
  28. Pettit 1793 Aerosol Transducer Paint - 1793SP

  29. Pettit Aerosol Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier - 20 oz - 1792

  30. Pettit Antifouling Bottom Paint for Inflatable Boats - 1841Q

  31. Pettit Black Widow Antifouling Racing Paint

  32. Pettit ECO HRT Copper-Free Antifouling Paint

    $39.99 - $199.99
  33. 11% off

    Pettit Hydrocoat Antifouling Bottom Paint

    $75.99 - $266.95
    $75.99 - $234.95
  34. Pettit Hydrocoat Eco Antifouling Bottom Paint

    $124.99 - $299.99
  35. Pettit Neptune HRT Water-Based Antifouling Bottom Paint

    $44.99 - $135.99
  36. Pettit Odyssey 60 Antifouling Bottom Paint

  37. 10% off

    Pettit Odyssey HD Ablative Bottom Paint

  38. Pettit Odyssey Triton Anti-Fouling Paint

    $376.99 - $395.55
  39. Pettit Premium HRT Multi-Season High Copper Antifouling

    $160.99 - $175.99
  40. Pettit Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier Zinc Protection - 1792Q

  41. Pettit Trinidad 75 Antifouling Bottom Paint

  42. 13% off

    Pettit Trinidad HD Antifouling Bottom Paint

  43. Pettit Trinidad Pro Antifouling Bottom Paint

  44. MDR Inflatable and Dinghy Bottom Paint - MDR-787

  45. MDR Anti-Fouling Transducer Paint - MDR-720

  46. Interlux Trilux 33 Aerosol Antifouling Paint

  47. Interlux Trilux 33 Antifouling Paint

    $70.39 - $394.39
  48. Interlux VC Offshore Antifouling Bottom Paint

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About Bottom Paints

Defender offers a wide selection of antifouling bottom paints. We regularly stock copper-based bottom paints, copper-free paints and water-based anti-fouling bottom paints as well as bottom paints with anti-slime protection. The following brands are available and ready to ship: Interlux, Pettit, Aquagard, Flexdel, Sea Hawk, and MDR.

Bottom Paint Definition

Boat bottom paint is a specialized type of paint used to protect the hull of a boat from the damaging effects of saltwater, barnacles, and other marine growth. These paints work by creating a barrier between the boat's hull and the water, which helps prevent corrosion and other types of wear and tear. Many different brands of craft bottom paint are available on the market, each with its unique features and benefits.
One popular brand of boat bottom paint is Interlux. Interlux offers a wide range of bottom paints, including options that are specifically designed for use in freshwater and saltwater environments. Some key features of Interlux bottom paints include excellent adhesion, durability, and resistance to algae and barnacles.
Another well-known brand of boat bottom paint is Pettit. Pettit offers various bottom paints designed to provide long-lasting protection for the hull of your boat. Some of the standout features of Pettit bottom paints include their ability to provide UV protection, as well as their ability to resist abrasion and wear.
Aquagard is another brand of boat bottom paint that is highly respected in the marine industry. Aquagard bottom paints are known for their ability to provide excellent protection against marine growth and withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater environments.
Flexdel is a newer boat bottom paint brand that has recently gained much popularity. Flexdel bottom paints are known for their excellent durability and resistance to wear and their ability to withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater environments.
Sea Hawk is a well-known boat bottom paint brand known for its high-quality products and excellent performance. Sea Hawk bottom paints are designed to provide long-lasting protection for the hull of your boat and are known for their ability to resist the growth of barnacles and other marine organisms.
Overall, boat bottom paint is essential to maintaining the health and longevity of your boat's hull. Whether you choose Interlux, Pettit, Aquagard, Flexdel, or Sea Hawk, you can be confident that you are using a high-quality product that will provide excellent protection for your boat. So you can select the best one for your boat according to your needs and budget.

Antifouling Bottom Paint

Defender offers a wide selection of antifouling bottom paints. We regularly stock copper-based bottom paints, copper-free paints, and water-based anti-fouling bottom paints as well as bottom paints with anti-slime protection. Soft and hard paint that leaches antifouling properties plus epoxy-based bottom paints that are long-lasting will protect your hull from growth that can slow you down.

What's in this paint that keeps the critters away?

Marine bottom paints include Biocides that release from the paint deterring marine growth from adhering to the hull. Ablative paints wear away or polish which releases biocides to provide protection against fouling growth. These Ablative paints can be single or multi-seasonal allowing for many options and price categories. Hard, modified epoxy paints leach biocides, require sanding and application between seasons to achieve the expected performance.

Will painting the bottom of my boat affect the value?

On the contrary, a good bottom paint job actually protects your hull from barnacles and other crustaceans that can cause damage. Bottom paint is available in several colors and can coordinate with boot stripes on the hull. Marine antifouling paint even makes cleaning the bottom quite a bit easier during haul out.

How do I know which paint to choose?

Defender Marine offers several options for marine antifouling bottom paint. Typically, the higher the copper content the more effective the paint will be against marine growth. Fiberglass boats can typically use any type of bottom paint. Aluminum boats and rib hulls are best painted with copper-free paint in order to prevent electrolysis this also applies to Aluminum underwater metals, such as trim tabs, outdrives, and lower units.

Most of our brands now offer both copper-based and copper-free paints to suit all your applications.