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Intercom & Bluetooth Communications

No more shouting and waving arms from the bow deck or cockpit. Boat intercom systems offer an advantage in safety at the dock and offshore. Today's crews can communicate with each other through Bluetooth headsets that boast long-range reception and water resistance.

And the fishermen for the "W"!

There is no higher stress place than the cockpit of a sportfisherman when fish are in the baits. Perhaps in the cockpit of a sportfisherman when there are tournament winnings on the line - that could be a bit more stressful and loud and clear communication is the key to success. When it comes to wireless boat intercom systems, the captain and mate directing the angler to move the bait to fish take the win every time!

Don't be fooled

When it comes to boat intercom systems, a healthy investment is a must. You get what you pay for as wireless headsets get wet, dropped, and bumped. They are an investment that can be crucial to your crew's success, so don't be fooled by imitations, invest in the best!

Yachts come with their own stress

Tournament fishing offers a unique kind of stress. Instructions on where the fish is and when to drop bait comes through the headphones of the boat intercom system as the captain, crew, or sonar operator call them out. But nothing really compares with securing the spring line of a 60+ meter mega yacht approaching a concrete bulkhead to dock between two other mega-yachts while all the lunch-goers at the host resort are watching. This is the time that long-range, multiple reception boat intercom systems are invaluable. No more shouting and waving arms, right?!