Emergency Plugs / Repair

About Emergency Plugs / Repair

Emergency Plugs

Safety first! Every boat needs its own first aid kit to help prevent leaks in an emergency. Most emergency plugs take up very little space and add little weight. From deck drain plugs to wooden bungs and soft foam cone-shaped plugs, Defender has you covered. A moldable polymer is also available to be formed into any shape and fill just about any hole.

What if we spring a leak?

Some water inside the hull is normal, but a leak is something else altogether. Keeping a variety of emergency boat plugs aboard is just a smart move for any boater. Wooden boat plugs, plastic plugs, and even polymer plugs are all available from Defender Marine. Small leaks in the hull can be plugged to stop the flow of water until the boat and crew get back to haul out or the beach.

How are soft plugs different than wooden ones?

Wooden plugs, sometimes called bungs, are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to stop leaks in boats. Emergency wood plugs are cost-effective and efficient for stopping boat leaks. Form-fitting soft foam plugs and rubber-like composite cone-shaped plugs also temporarily stop leaks aboard. Soft plugs are offered in singles and pairs, while emergency wood plugs are available in sets complete with a variety of shapes and sizes.

What's that one-part polymer all about?

Stay Afloat is a one-part moldable polymer that is hand applied to any hull breach. This polymer can be applied below the waterline and in wet conditions, plugging just as well as wooden or soft foam cone plugs. Unlike traditional plugs, the moldable polymer can be used on pipe fittings, windows, hatches, or just about any application that is not part of your engine. It is also not intended for use on inflatables.