Manual Pumps

About Manual Pumps

Fixed & Emergency Hand Pumps

Manual bilge pumps move over 10 gallons per 90 strokes and may be fixed to a surface or thru hull mounted. Hand bilge pumps discharge bilge water but also work well discharging waste from holding tanks. For tight places, Defender offers boat hand pumps with removable stowable or retractable handles.

Boaters who wish to keep safe need to have an emergency hand pump.
An emergency hand pump on board is essential whether you're out on the open water for a fishing expedition, sunset cruise, or overnight stay.
An emergency hand pump is a small, lightweight tool that can be used immediately in an emergency.
Any water that seeps into the boat due to a leak, a puncture, a fracture, or even a hole is pumped out using this device.
It is crucial if the water is entering your boat quicker than you can empty a bucket to bail it out.
Hand pumps are often composed of metal that resists corrosion or plastic and is easy to operate. They can be used to quickly and efficiently pump out any water that has accumulated in your boat. They also help prevent the vessel from taking on more water while it is being towed or repairs are being made.
In addition to preventing your boat from taking on more water, an emergency hand pump can also supply fresh water. So it comes in handy when you need to fill up the tank for your weekend away.