Sanitation Hoses

About Sanitation Hoses

Choosing the right marine sanitation hose is paramount to your comfort.

The wrong hose for your application can make for a smelly situation... literally. First, know your size. Marine sanitation hose is available from 5/8 up to 1-1/2 inch diameter. Determine the size hose you'll need (and any clamps too) before you buy. Marine sanitation hose also comes in a variety of colors including white with a blue stripe which may be an easy identifier for you while you are in the bilge one day! Wire or PVC wire reinforcement is also a choice to consider before you buy.

Odor free - everytime!

All of the marine sanitary hoses at Defender Marine are top-of-the-line and odor-free (just be sure your fittings are tight). Optional smooth wall finishes make for a speedier installation and may be the smart choice for the weekend warrior with more guts than actual repair experience.

Buy by the foot

The old saying "get what you pay for" holds true right here - the best marine sanitation hose is simply not cheap. So know how much you need before you buy and buy only what you need.