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Washdown Pumps

Washdown pumps by Jabsco, Shurflo, Johnson, Floject, Groco and Whale High cover all your washdown pump needs!

What is the best washdown pump?

Boat washdown pumps come in a variety of sizes and flow rates. The best marine washdown pump is the one that best fits the application on your boat and fits into your budget. Thankfully, Defender offers a wide variety to fit every boat and budget!

How do you install a raw water washdown pump?

If you are a handy DIYer on the weekends, consider your application and make certain you have all the hoses, fittings and clamps for the pump you have in mind. You'll need that pump to and possibly a haul out to install a thru hull. A boat yard may make quick work of the install and save you some trouble!

Aren't all saltwater washdown pumps the same?

No! Marine washdown pumps from Defender come in sizes: from 45 to 60 and 70 psi. Several Defender pumps have selectable flow rates and voltage for ease of fitting into any application. Most washdown pumps offer an on-board switch but Defender also has varieties available with a wiring harness and control panel.