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Engine Repairs and Upgrades at Defender

Marine Engine Parts

Encompassing marine engine parts, boat motor parts, maintenance systems, and part rebuild kits, engine systems at Defender cover all the bases. Fuel additives, oil, engine lubricants, and even liquid gasket can be found here today! Motor mounts, engine flush kits, and temperature insulation that deadens noise are also available.

Outboard motor parts smorgasbord

Chasing an electrical issue on an outboard motor can be a time-consuming affair and replacing the whole wiring harness may be the most cost-effective, sanity-saving thing you could do. Order a new wiring harness today! Motor maintenance and flush kits and sparkplugs, propellers, and shafting are available for outboard motors.

Outboard Parts and Kits

• Propeller & Shafting
• OEM Carburetor and oil injection kits
• Outboard Electrical Harness
• Spark Plugs
• Engine Flush Tools
• Mercury Maintenance Kits

Engine systems and engine parts for the brave!

Some boat engine parts offer a challenge to the weekend DIYer but with some research, patience, and perhaps a mechanic on speed dial, these maritime engine parts and chores might be right up your alley!

• Replacing Gauges and senders
• Oil changes
• Replace and repair muffler and exhaust
• Install engine controls and cables
• Install or replace water/fuel separators

Thru hulls and other professional jobs

Installing sea strainers, circulation pumps, and ball valves all require a thru hull at some point in the project. Drawing the line at putting a hole in the bottom of your boat may be a wise choice but plenty of boat motor parts are available to order for your mechanic! Defender also carries an extensive line of replacement motor mounts (also a great job for a pro!).