Deck & Flood Lights

  1. Dr. LED Kevin X4 LED Spreader/Deck Light - White Aluminum - 8001344-02

  2. Forespar ML-1 LED Spreader/Deck Light - 131300

  3. Hella Marine Sea Hawk-R LED Flood Light

  4. Sea-Dog LED Rectangular Flood Light - 405335-3

  5. 15% off

    Hella Marine ValueFit 6-LED Mini Light Bar

    $32.99 - $35.99
    $30.59 - $32.99
  6. Scandvik LED Spreader Light

  7. Scandvik Compact Size LED Spreader Light

  8. Hella Marine Sea Hawk-XLB LED Flood Light

  9. Lumitec Caprera2 LED Flood Light

  10. Scandvik LED Spreader Light - 41435P

  11. Scandvik LED Spreader Light - 41436P

  12. Lumitec CapreraLT LED Flood Light - 101292

  13. Sea-Dog Compact Flood/Spreader Light - 405350-3

  14. Sea-Dog Halogen Flood Light

    $26.99 - $28.99
  15. Lumitec Zephyr LED Spreader Light

  16. Hella Marine ValueFit Cube 4-LED Flood Light

  17. Dr. LED Kevin X Vertical Rail Mount - 9000326

  18. Dr. LED Gold Standard LED Deck/Flood Light - 9000500

  19. Dr. LED Kevin X Horizontal Rail Mount - 9000319

  20. Golight GXL LED Flood Light - 4422

  21. Golight GXL LED SpotLight - 4411

  22. TACO 4-LED Deck Light

  23. Lumitec CapriLT LED Flood Light - 101288

  24. Imtra LED Cockpit/Deck Flood Light - ILSL-1806F

  25. Hella Marine Halogen Deck Flood Light - 998518001

  26. Hella Marine ValueFit Sport Series 12-LED Light Bar

  27. Hella Marine Halogen Deck Flood Light - 007118051

  28. T-H Marine RGB Color Changing Pontoon Light Kit

    $516.99 - $592.99
  29. Lumitec Perimeter LED Flood Light

    $196.99 - $226.99
  30. Lumitec Caprera3 Bracket Mount LED Flood Light

    $110.35 - $209.99
  31. Lumitec Capri3 Flush Mount LED Flood Light

    $110.45 - $209.99
  32. Marinco Flush Mount Halogen Deck Lamp - ML-005NWW

  33. Lumitec Octane LED Tower/Spreader Light

  34. T-H Marine Blue Pontoon LED Light Set

    $405.99 - $406.99
  35. T-H Marine Oval Recessed Mount Spreader LED Light - LED-39120-DP

  36. T-H Marine Extreme Pro Deck Light Single Blue LED - LEDBW-82-2-B-DP

  37. Lumitec Caprera LED Cockpit Flood Light - 101040

  38. Lumitec Cosica Inset LED Flood Light - 101611

  39. Lumitec Maxillume2 LED Flood Light

    $723.99 - $758.99
  40. Lumitec Razor LED Light Bar

  41. Lee's Tackle Clamp-On Light Mount

  42. Marinco Universal Halogen Deck Lamp - ML-005WW/DSP

  43. Marinco Flush Mount Stainless Steel Docking Lights - M051A-SS

  44. Scandvik LED Spreader Light Bracket Mount - 41342P

  45. Scandvik Spreader Light


About Deck & Flood Lights

Combination Steaming & Deck Light

Available in LED or traditional lighting masthead lights combinations include spreaders with navigational lights, red or white deck lights, and floodlights combined with mast lights. Boat deck light housings and mast light combinations can be mounted on masts or flush in any location.

Deck lights come in all shapes and sizes

No matter what kind of boat flood lights, LED deck lights or light bars you are shopping for they are all available here at Defender Marine. Interior and exterior light bars, spreader lights, deck lights and flood lights including all in efficient LED and some in dependable halogen with low AMP draw. Shop smart and keep an eye on your mission because shopping for lights might mean a full lighting overhaul for your boat if you're not careful!

Top of the line technology

Innovation abounds in today's marine lights and Defender has the best of the best. From combination lights for marine flood light applications that offer close range illumination to high intensity, multi color and dimmable lights. Defender's LED flood light bars, white LED flood lights, boat decks lights and spreader lights have top of the line sealed housings and special coatings for exterior longevity.

Installation is a breeze

Confirm your application before you start to shop and ask your Defender Marine specialist about installation if you are unsure if your chosen light will work for you. Deck and hard top mounts, bracket mounting and even recessed mounting is available for most of Defender's line of marine lights.

Marine Spreader Lights

Cast away the shadows in your cockpit with up to 1380 lumens of light. Mounting as well as materials options address all your boat lighting needs.

Boat spreader lights aren't just for the cockpit!

Traditionally used to light up the deck or the cockpit, today's marine spreader lights can be used just about anywhere onboard. These lights can be installed anywhere your crew needs more light and feature advanced LED technology combined with new options for mounting spreader lights in different shapes and sizes.

The number of lumens light up the night.

Lumens measure the brightness of LED lighting while halogen lights are measured by watts. Boat spreader lights up to 1380 lumens are very bright and cover all of your deck lighting needs no matter how elevated the mount is. Spreader lights are available in heavy-duty plastic polymer, aluminum, and stainless steel housings. Boat spreader lights are generally offered in black, white, or metal finish.

Mounting your spreader lights can be simple or not.

Advances in the way we mount our boat spreader lights have expanded the options for where they get mounted. Standard mast mounting to flush mount, low profile spreader light designs, and just about everything in between allow boat owners to choose between many styles and brightness ratings. Explore all of your boat spreader light options before committing to lights and mount.