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Marine Moisture Absorber & Control

For some it might be difficult to understand that there is a real need for a moisture absorber for boats, even though they are on the water much of the time, they are especially susceptible to moisture and water.
Water is one of the most destructive substances on earth.
In the form of glaciers, it has carved mountains into valleys and in the form of rivers, it has cut through the plains to create canyons many miles deep.
In the winter, water expands when it freezes and can damage anything that contains it.
It is also a breeding ground for bacteria, insects, mold, and fungus.
A boat cannot stand up to many of these things for long before finding itself at the bottom of a large body of water, or even just the landfill.

Keeping a boat moisture free is next to impossible, but you can control it with a marine moisture absorber, so the wetness doesn't damage it.
Protecting your investment is not impossible. In using many products, you can control the amount of excess moisture that makes its way onto your watercraft.
Not only in the time that it is on the water, but even while it is on dry land in boat storage.
All the piping, water lines, bilge systems, pumps, sewers, and even your motor can collect and retain moisture.
Moisture is essential to growing mold, mildew, propagating insects, nematodes, and even being home to reptiles, amphibians, and parasites if you aren't careful.

Marine Moisture Control Products

Defender offers a variety of control solutions for moisture absorbers for boats, on the water or the land:
  • Dehumidifiers: - Much like home HVAC, these devices remove moisture and help dry out the air to prevent mildew odor and musty smells.
  • Moisture Absorbers: Prevent mold and mildew stains and protects from moisture damage. Unlike a mechanical dehumidifier, these marine moisture absorbers for boats are a passive, long term solution to moisture and odor control. Extremely economical.
  • Condensation Prevention: We offer mats that prevent condensation in areas that are sensitive to moisture. Which is bound to happen on a boat.

  • Boat Moisture Control Areas

    Many areas that need moisture absorber for boats are places you might not think twice about.
    In a damp environment such as the water, excess humidity finds its way into closets, storage areas, and areas that don't get any air-flow or sunlight.
    Mitigating the problem areas that are prone to collecting moisture, especially areas that are not visited regularly or inspected are better to be dealt with earlier rather than later.

    Prevent Marine Moisture Damage

    In being proactive in dealing with potential trouble zones, as well as immediate areas that have received a lot of moisture at once, you can prevent unwanted mold, mildew, odors, and unwanted moisture on a boat or marine vessels.
    By using our marine moisture control products, you can avoid disaster, expensive remediation, or severe damage due to mold, mildew, and moisture buildup.
    Contact Defender and find out how to buy our products and moisture absorbers for boats today!