Steering Wheels

About Steering Wheels

Boat Steering Wheels

Upgrading your boat’s steering wheel can greatly enhance both functionality and aesthetics. At Defender, you can find a comprehensive selection of marine steering wheels perfect for any vessel type, ensuring a precise fit and superior performance.

Wide Selection

Defender offers an array of options, from durable stainless steel wheels perfect for saltwater conditions to lightweight aluminum and comfortable polyurethane-coated wheels. Trusted brands like Zodiac, Edson Marine, Lewmar, Ongaro and SeaStar ensure top-quality and innovative designs.

Choosing the Right Wheel

Consider size, material, and grip when selecting a wheel. Stainless steel provides durability and a polished look, while aluminum offers a balance of strength and lightness. Polyurethane-coated wheels add comfort, reducing hand fatigue. Features like steering knobs can enhance control.

Upgrade Your Boat Today

Explore our extensive collection of boat steering wheels. Whether you need a robust wheel for a yacht or a sleek design for a bass boat, Defender has the variety, quality, and expertise to help you make the right choice for your boating needs.

For more info on size, material, style, and installation, check out our boat steering wheel guide.