Cockpit Organizers

About Cockpit Organizers

Boat Cockpit Organizers

The boat cockpit is a confined place aboard where much of the action happens. Line organizers and boat rope holders keep dangerous tangles at bay while cockpit organizers, bags, and boxes allow the crew to keep tools and supplies at arm's reach, but also safely out of the way.

Clean up your cockpit (and anywhere else)

A lot goes on in the cockpit - for cruisers, there are socials and sunset boat drinks, for sailors, it's navigation and piloting, and for the fisherman, the pit is where the magic happens. For all boaters, a clean and tidy cockpit is a must for safety and extra space. Line hangers, straps for coiled up hoses even cockpit glove boxes corral stereo remote controls. A place for everything and everything in its place!

Strap it up or hang it up?

Maybe strap it then hang it up! Rope and hoses scattered on the deck are a trip hazard at the very least. Line organizers enable boaters to roll lines up and hang them out of the way. Cockpit organizer bags, clips, and boat rope holders keep important items in the cockpit and off the deck, while loop through straps control hoses and leave a handy loop to hang them from.

Simple storage solutions that work!

Marine grade cockpit organizers keep tools and ropes within reach. Fabricated out of UV, water, and mildew resistant materials these cockpit organizers will outlast any storage solution made specifically for home use. Keep your cockpit clean, tidy, organized, and safe with storage solutions from Defender Marine.