About Bottom Paint

Defender carries all the major brands of bottom paint. We stock copper-based bottom paints, copper-free paints with biocides, and water-based anti-fouling bottom paints, as well as bottom paints with anti-slime additives.

Ablative Bottom Paint

• Wears away with use, exposing new biocides.

• Good for impeding marine growth, but requires the boat to move often to work most effectively.

• Use in high fouling areas, or if the boat is hauled out every season.

• Use of a “signal coat” is recommended. A signal coat is a bottom paint of a different color than your final coat. When the signal coat shows through, it’s time to consider repainting.

Hard Bottom Paint

• Active ingredient leaches out while paint film stays mostly intact.

• Long-lasting adheres well, abrasion resistant, works equally well at the dock and underway.

• Recommended for boats that regularly run at high speeds or are in the water for extended periods.

• Best for trailered boats.


• Has fewer VOCs, less odor, and cleans up with soap and water.

• Safe for use on inflatable boat tubes & fiberglass hulls.

Hybrid Bottom Paint

Offers all the advantages of ablative and hard paints.

• Exhibits excellent performance and abrasion resistance.

• Recommended for racing boats; some can be burnished to a slick finish.

Copper-Free Bottom Paint

• Uses alternative biocides like zinc or Econea®.

• Can use over almost any bottom paint; suitable for any substrate, including steel, and aluminum.

• Lack of copper allows for a selection of bright colors.

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