Air Conditioning

About Air Conditioning

Size matters!

You cannot choose the best marine air conditioner for your boat without knowing a few things. First, how large is your boat? Just like a house, the size of the boat air conditioner’s output is based on the number of cubic feet inside your boat. Keep in mind that marine AC units also take into account the inefficiency of a boat compared to a house! The output of the unit is but one size you must consider before purchase - what type of space is available on your boat for the unit itself? The unit footprint could be the most important measurement of all!

Bells & Whistles

The Dometic air conditioners and Webasto units offer an array of extras to consider for your application. Remote controllers, wiring harnesses, displays, wireless remotes - all of these are items to consider before purchase. Rest assured Defender offers a full line of products related to your new marine ac unit that will see you through a retrofit or the replacement of your old unit. And all of our manufacturers offer excellent support and warranties.

When cool is not enough?

Turn on the heat! Both Dometic and Webasto boast reverse cycle heat from their cooling units. So when the nights get chilly, extend your boating season with comfortable heat. This is as close to a marine air split system as you are bound to find and you have plenty of choices right here at Defender.