About Heaters

Defender offers a wide selection of cabin heaters and accessories from top brands like Dickinson, Webasto, and Caframo. Propane, kerosene/diesel, electric, or engine heat exchanger, we have the right heater for you at the lowest prices.

Marine Cabin Heaters for Your Boat

Enjoy the waters in the cold night, stretch your boating season by keeping comfortable, or make your craft habitable, or protect your watercraft in the winter months.
A cabin heater can protect the key systems of your watercraft during the fall and winter months by keeping the air temperature in the cabin above freezing.

What Type of Boat Cabin Heater Should I Choose?

The best marine cabin heater for your watercraft depends on size, style and desired application.

Propane boat cabin heater for ease of use and readily available fuel with features like push-button ignition and variable heat output.
Get up to 5,500 BTU's and a heating capacity of 1,100 cubic feet.
Marine kerosene and diesel cabin heater models, you can look at a higher range of output, with models clearing 16,000 BTU's, with less expensive fuel and very little or no electrical required.

We also carry several marine cabin heaters that work on engine heat exchange.
Get between 28,000 and 40,000 BTU's with these permanently installed heavy-duty options that can be integrating into the existing engine system.

Our electric boat cabin heaters are ideal when looking for something smaller in stature, but not utility.
Perks include built-in thermostats, mobility, and options for airflow without heat.

Minimize dangers by avoiding risks like tipping a unit and errant sparks.
Make sure your marine cabin heater is secured and clear of flammable items.
Be mindful of cords, and any other unique hazards that may arise while moored.
Also, make sure the area you are heating has proper airflow, and that your unit itself has ventilation in place.

Browse trusted brands like Dickinson, Webasto, and Caframo to keep your journey enjoyable.
We also offer diesel cabin heaters, marine heating accessories and replacement parts, like exhaust attachments, ventilation ducts and hose, and low-pressure fuel pumps.
In the hot summer months, you can also look to us for your air conditioning needs, with an array of kits to help serve your every requirement.

Look to Defender for all your climate control and boat cabin heater needs.
Our company has been family-owned since 1938, and in that time we have built a reputation for providing the most extensive selection of quality products while providing outstanding customer service.