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About Si Tex Fishfinder Transducers

Boat Transducers

Boat transducers are available in an array of sizes and for many different applications. Mounted to the hull or through the hull, marine transducers are fabricated of bronze or marine grade plastic. Transducers are designed to garner information on everything from boat speed to nearby fish to sailboat heal and trim.

Should transducers be professionally installed?

Putting a hole through the bottom of a boat definitely sounds like a job for a technician with some practice, but installing a transducer might be one of those DIY projects boat owners want to tackle. Transom mounted transducers with cable connections and mounting brackets are easily installed by just about any boater. Installation of thru-hull marine transducers that feature tilt mount, retraction, angle mount and fairing blocks should be well planned out and consultation with a professional electronics installation company may be a great idea!

What information requires the use of a transducer?

Sea temperature and depth are measured using a transducer. Directional sonar utilizes many transducers set together in order to read more degrees of the ocean for fish finding. The boat is monitored by using a marine transducer as well ? speed, roll data, trim, and pitch are all measured this way.

What is a Chirp, anyway?

In a nutshell, Chirp technology offers a clearer way to see the layers of the ocean. Compressed high intensity radiated pulse, or Chirp, send the pulse out from the transducer and the frequency of the pulse allows for a greater range, less noise in the sonar picture, and a clearer image of the sea. Chirp technology was developed by the military and eventually made its way into private use.