Shrink Wrap, Tools & Supplies

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Shrink Wrap, Tools & Supplies

Boat shrink wrap rolls in varying widths, lengths and colors are available for the savvy DIYer. All shrink wrap supplies as well as tools for wrapping your boat can be found online at Defender Marine.

Is shrink wrap the best way to store a boat?

Storing a boat in the boat yard or simply in your back yard is a part of boating everyone experiences. In northern climates many boaters will shrink wrap their vessels to protect them during the long winter months. Winterize, wrap in plastic and be confident that pollution and the elements will not damage your gal! If you don't need regular access then, yes, shrink wrap may be the best way to store your boat.

Are all boat shrink wrap supplies available?

Rolls of shrink wrap for boats are available from Defender Marine in widths from 20 feet up to 40 feet, lengths vary as well. Tapes for seams and the inevitable snags as well as specialized shrink wrap supplies such as support pole caps, vent wraps and buckle wraps should all be on your shopping list. Defender even offers a zippered "door" that can be integrated into your wrap for future access to your boat's interior.

Is it cost effective to shrink wrap my own boat?

Like all DIY projects shrink wrapping requires an investment in tools. Heat guns plus extensions and tension tools are all available at Defender Marine. Living in a climate where storing your boat every winter makes this investment a wise one. For the courageous DIYer with a crew willing to assist and the help of detailed how to videos, boat shrink wrap is the way to go!