Satellite Communication

About Satellite Communication

Satellite TV & Communications for Boats

Make your boat satellite TV compatible with the most up-to-date technology available today. Satellite phone, TV, Wi-Fi, and text are options for offshore boats, traveling, and sticking close to shore. TV antennas, splitters, receivers, and various parts keep your crew watching their favorite shows while aboard.

Is a dome all it takes?

Well, not exactly. Domes are stylish, aerodynamic protection for satellite antennas. Inside are all the workings to pick up the signal and send it down below. The signal then goes through a receiver and usually a splitter will send the signal to different televisions so all crew members (or family!) can watch something different. Keep in mind that a subscription must be maintained for satellite TV programming.

If satellite TV for your boat is out of reach, drop back to your antenna

Standard antennas and omni directional antennas allow boats to pick up over-the-air transmissions. HDTV from broadcast towers and FM signals, receivers, and output splitters offer an acceptable array of entertainment at a fraction of the cost of satellite domes.

A dome for every purpose, one for none, and handhelds too!

Boats are like love affairs for their owners, and a dummy satellite dome maintains your favorite gal's good looks and symmetry. Satellite TV, phone, and dummy domes are all available. In addition to the domes, handheld 2-way satellite communicators offer messaging, navigation, and SOS capabilities.