The Originator of Marine Grade® Wire

Ancor wire is built with features such as UV-resistant jacketing and individually tinned stranding, innovations that result in wring products that are ideal for the marine and mobile applications. Ancor manufacturers wire in a variety of sizes in every color recommended by ABYC standards. A full range of terminals, connectors, wire management tools, and hand tools make Ancor products the go-to for any wiring project. Ancor designs products to the highest standards that meet UL, ABYC, NMMA, and USCG standards.

Ancor is dedicated to not just providing products, but providing innovative solutions for marine and mobile electrical projects.

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Marine Wire Color Coding

The marine wiring color code for DC electrical systems per the ABYC.


Have You Checked Your Wiring Lately?

Electrical issues are some of the most common causes of boat fires. Keep your boat safe and your electrical systems performing smoothly with marine-grade electrical equipment from Defender.