Defender carries only marine-grade, stranded, tinned copper wiring recommended by the American Boat and Yacht Council, (ABYC). This wire is covered in a premium vinyl jacket that stays flexible in extreme cold and resists salt water, battery acid, oil, gasoline, and UV radiation. It is designed to withstand the flexing and vibration that can cause the solid wire to break. A marine-grade flat duplex safety cable is recommended by ABYC for DC circuits on boats instead of a standard marine duplex with red and black wires. Marine safety cable provides a yellow DC negative wire to avoid confusion with AC black (hot) wires on-board. The wire used in home construction commonly referred to as Romex is not certified for marine use because the conductors are solid, among other reasons. Safety Wire meets ABYC standards and is especially important on boats that have both DC and AC systems.

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Use only marine-grade butt connectors; never use wire nuts, commonly used in household wiring, on a boat. Household wire nuts are banned by the ABYC. The sheathing of marine-grade connectors is made of semi-transparent nylon rather than the solid-colored vinyl jacket found on household connectors. Vinyl connectors are more likely to be punctured by the crimper, a common flaw, and the sheathing is more likely to dislodge, leaving your connection open to corrosion and worse. Adhesive-lined heat shrink connectors provide excellent insulation for wire splices and connections. Cool Seal connectors from BSP use an innovative sealant that is activated by simply inserting the wire into the butt connector — no heat is required. The ABYC also bans flat forked connectors because they can easily pull loose if the screw vibrates loose. Fork connectors that include hooks are allowed where access to the screw is particularly difficult.

Tin-plated copper bus bars provide corrosion-resistant connections critical for proper electrical performance and safety. An insulating cover provides additional protection.

Heavy-duty lugs keep engines and other high-amperage loads operating reliably.

Electronic cleaners and protectants can provide a final layer of protection that can lead to seasons of worry-free operation.

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