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Raw Water Strainers & Parts

Raw water strainers offer peace of mind by cleaning debris from intakes before it reached any of your boat?s systems. Available in an extensive variety of port sizes and materials, boat water strainers are a must-have for raw water pumps, engine intakes, and cooling systems.

Raw water strainers save the day

Any bit of debris caught up in your engine, AC or livewell can ruin impellers, pumps, and your day! Seawater strainers filter out this debris and offer boaters a chance to clear that debris from the strainer simply, easily, and routinely. A small investment in the correct strainer for your application will save you from many repairs in the long run.

Do you see what I see?

Clear housings on bronze and plastic raw water strainers allow boaters to know if they need cleaning with a quick glance. Strainer bowls are easily removed, cleaned, and replaced to maintain the long life of the strainer and the boat systems.

Which boat systems should include a raw water strainer?

From livewells for fishing bait to your engine cooling system ? anytime water is drawn from the sea into your boat, a strainer should be your first line of defense against debris. Thru-hull and clamshell strainers are mounted on the outside of your hull to prevent any large debris from sucking up into the boat while more complex bowl-type raw water strainers, mounted inside above the waterline, will filter out small debris before that water runs into any machinery. Strainers can also be fitted in the bilge to intakes for bilge pumps and maintain their longevity and secure that they continue to work as they should.