Shower Heads & Fixtures

About Shower Heads & Fixtures

DIY your shower upgrade

Faucet combos and shower mixers are available to upgrade the current head. Boat shower regulators, otherwise known as mixers, bring the hot water in to mix with the cold and deliver a refreshing shower on board. Faucet combos and bar mounts can truly upgrade that marine shower experience in just hours.

All hands on deck

No room down below for a full shower addition? Hit the deck where there is plenty of room to get clean. Sun showers or solar showers, heat water in a bag hung where gravity feeds to flow in the "shower". Deck shower kits are plumbed with hot, cold, or both and include a handheld boat shower head located in a snag-free covered box that is discreetly resent mounted in the cockpit to stay out of the way. So, jump on deck and clean up!

Repair don't replace

Defender Marine carries a wide array of boat shower parts including mounting bars, hoses, and shower heads. Install one of the shower mixers and don't forget to add a standby kit to shut off the flow at the shower head and save hot water in the tank. Service kits are also available for off-season clean-up and maintenance.