Shackles & Snap Hooks

About Shackles & Snap Hooks

Swivel Shackles

With so many moving parts on a boat, being confident in your equipment when connecting them is of the utmost importance. The connection is always the weakest point and the marine shackle choice can make a huge difference in safety and performance from anchoring to rigging.

Anchor & Swivel Shackles

Defender offers many swivel shackles for your anchoring needs. A non-swiveling anchor shackle can increase the possibility of breakage in the anchor chain while anchored. A proper swivel shackle will leave you anchoring confidently, knowing that your shackle allows your anchor chain to stay twist-free. The right swivel shackle on your anchor can not only make your anchoring process safer, but it can make lifting your anchor more convenient! A swivel shackle will orient your anchor quickly upon retrieval.

Defender has Marine Shackles to Cover You from All Sides!

Nautical shackles come in various designs, allowing you to connect your rigging systems and lift loads from different directions. Shackles are the connecting piece within rigging systems, understanding boat shackle loads and the importance of quality fabrication is important to choose the correct shackle. Defender carries many high-quality boat shackles for all of your rigging and lifting shackle needs.

  • Our D shackles are great for connecting lines of varying lengths and are meant for withstanding constant directional pull.
  • When directional pulls are expected to shift, our bow shackles are an adaptable choice for your rigging needs.
  • When looking to connect at an angle, our twisted shackles make a great choice. They allow you to connect an object at a ninety-degree angle to the shackle.

New On the Scene

Soft Shackles are quickly gaining popularity. Soft shackles can be used in place of stainless shackles in most cases. Soft shackles have all the strength of stainless shackles but are less damaging to their surroundings. When using soft boat shackles, be confident that weather or water conditions won't lead them to scratch the deck or sails over time.

The Best of All Things

Marine shackles fabricated of stainless steel offer high breakage loads, as well as a long life span. No rust to bleed on your hull or funky green corrosion to stain sails, stainless boat shackles are offered for a variety of applications. In addition to sailboat shackles, utility shackles are also available in stainless including

  • Snap Shackles
  • Carabiners
  • Carbine hook snaps