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About Propellers

Marine Propellers & Shaft Accessories

Marine propellers in a wide range of diameters and pitches for any application - even bow thruster props - from Defender Marine. Prop wrenches and drive savers as well as shaft packing and shaft bearings round out the accessories available online.

Which boat propeller is best for my boat?

Defender offers a full line of props from a variety of engine manufacturers. Always order your replacement boat prop in the same diameter as your current one. Adjusting the pitch could mean better performance in the long run; Defender consultants can help you decided if a new pitch will work for your boat. While most 3 blade propellers are fabricated from aluminum Defender also offers limited sizes of props in bronze.

What is a thruster propeller?

Marine bow thrusters use a propeller to move the bow sideways through the water. Most thruster props are fabricated from composites and are engineered with more than four blades to reduce cavitation and vibration.

Shaft packing, nuts and bearings... Oh my!

Defender offers a full line of shafting accessories. Marine shaft packing for stuffing boxes comes in a variety of sizes and shaft bearings as well, in several diameters and lengths. It is always good to have a spare lock nut on board and Drivesavers are available to eliminate a nasty vibration.