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Boat Lighting

At Defender we carry a vast selection of marine lights from energy-efficient LEDs, extra bright halogen, incandescent bulbs to replacement bulbs. Shop our collection for every application you will need while boating including navigational, cabin, deck lights, and marine rescue & safety.

Boat Lights are a Necessity

According to the United States Coast Guard (USCG) regulations, your boat must have proper lighting. Specific regulations vary depending on the size and type of boat, method of propulsion, the body of water, and whether you operate it at night or during reduced visibility conditions. Marine lights are an essential safety requirement and every boat or water craft needs a variety of lighting fixtures to ensure the safety of their vessel and their passengers.

Marine Lighting Collection

Defender Marine is the preferred online retailer for high-quality courtesy & LED boat lights. Below is a brief overview of our main lighting categories.


Navigation lights are required for all boats and vessels and consist of stern lights, side lights and masthead lights. We carry navigation lighting products from leading brands such as Aqua Signal, Seadog, Navisafe and Perko.

Cabin and Courtesy Lights

When the sun goes down, interior lighting allows you to keep enjoying your boating adventure. We carry a large selection of cabin and courtesy lighting from reading and charting lighting options to dome and wall lights for a variety of boats types and sizes.


Spotlights are essential for locating buoys, channel markers, docks, draw bridges, moorings, etc. Remote-controlled spotlights like the ACR RCL-100D are especially convenient. No more standing in freezing rain with a hand-held spotlight! This model even has an exclusive feature that activates it automatically every 30 days to keep it functioning properly and free of corrosion.

Safety and rescue lights

The spotlights mentioned above can do more than just locate buoys or make docking easier. They can also save lives in an emergency. If someone falls overboard at night, a spotlight may be your best chance at spotting them in the water. That is, unless they're carrying one of our personal rescue lights. Some of these are manually activated and handheld. Others, like the ACR Auto HemiLight 3 Automatic Survivor Locator, attach to a life jacket and activate automatically upon contact with water.

Oil Lamps and Solar Lights

If you don't want to use electric lighting, we have a nice selection of charming solar-powered lights that provide ambiance and increased safety without drawing on your boat's power reserves.

Browse Our Marine Lighting From Top Brands Like:

  • Aqua Signal
  • Balmar
  • Dr. LED
  • FriLight
  • i2Systems
  • ITC Marine
  • Imtra
  • Innovative Lighting
  • Hella Marine
  • Lumitec
  • Scandvik
  • Sea Dog

The Benefits of LED Boat Lights

Until recently, many people did not see LED lighting and technology as something worth investing in. Today, the benefits of LED lighting for boats are better recognized and boat enthusiasts see LED accent lighting fixtures as an integral piece of a boat's layout. Along with looking great, the benefits of LED technology include significantly lowering heat output and power draw. In addition to deck lights, boat cabin lights, navigation lighting, LED courtesy lights, and marine lighting in general, it is becoming increasingly common that boat builders to include marine LED light strips as a standard part of their equipment.
Enjoy your next boating adventure even more with the security, comfort, and convenience of adequate boat lighting. Shop Defender Marine for leading brands and the latest in boat lights & accessories for all your marine lighting needs.