Life Rafts

About Life Rafts

Defender offers coastal and offshore liferafts of all sizes from brands you can trust, like Revere and Superior Lifesaving Equipment, at the best prices.

Need a life raft or just want a life raft - Know the difference!

Defender Marine has got you covered with a selection of US Coast Guard-approved emergency craft as well as complete safety service packs that meet the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea SOLAS standards. Our website offers links to all the regulations where you might find that the life raft you want is actually the one that you need.

A great life raft comes with maintenance.

All life rafts have some similarities including expiration dates, warranties and service intervals. Defender Marine will process your life raft purchase but all rafts ship directly from the manufacturer to ensure that your raft has the longest possible expiration date. Servicing your life raft on time ensures that it will never expire and you can rest assured that it will always deploy. So do your maintenance - take care of your raft and it will take care of you.

Emergency, rescue or peace of mind - which life raft is best for you?

Before you invest in a life raft Defender recommends that you do some homework. First, determine your application and check out the USCG regulations even if your boat is not commercial. The features of hydrostatic and commercial rafts might be worth your peace of mind - and when you move up to a new boat don't forget to take that life raft with you. Size and weight of the life raft's valise or canister can make a difference to its accessibility on your boat. Finally, are you regularly far enough from shore to warrant a canopy on your raft or would a two person self-inflating rescue raft be quite enough for your boat and crew in predominately warm coastal waters? At Defender Marine you will find a life rafts for recreational boaters and life rafts for commercial applications as well.