Inflatable Boat Components - Dinghy Accessories

About Inflatable Boat Components - Dinghy Accessories

Dinghy Accessories

Inflatable boat parts include accessories for stowing and launching. Upgrades to your dinghy are easy with a full line of inflatable boat accessories to choose from. When it comes to repairs, Defender Marine offers all the dinghy parts you could need.

Stow and Launch

Inflatable dinghies can be stored for winter or simply stowed down below when not in use. Stow bags for deflated dinghies and special carrying bags from Defender Marine make simple work of putting your Inflatable dinghy away. Covers for inflated dinghies are available in several sizes and colors. Engine lifts, cargo carriers, and davits ensure that motors, dinghies, and supplies can be transported aboard with ease. Inflation pumps and replacement air valves make getting ready for boating easier and when it comes to putting her back in the water, several styles of launch wheels are available to assist the process.

Inflatable Boat Upgrades

Better than just repairs, upgrading your dinghy can be as simple as adding a little power. Defender Marine offers a full line of outboards and outboard parts for inflatable boats. Inflatable boat accessories like full consoles, seats, cushions, and under-seat stow bags are great upgrade choices. Oars, keel guards, and ladders for inflatable boats are also available.

Painting, cleaner and protection options for inflatable dinghies

  • Flex paint for inflatable tubes
  • Cleaners and UV protective coatings for inflatables
  • Inflatable boat bottom paint

Dinghy Repairs Just Got a Little Easier

Defender Marine keeps just about any repair job within reach. Dinghy parts begin with replacement tubes, as well as the many options for dinghy floors. Replacing rubrails may be a full weekend project but is a repair that gives your dinghy a new look and keeps her safe from damage. Cleats, mounts, and handles are all inflatable boat accessories that can be replacement parts or even new upgrades.