About Gauges

Replace your gauges... .We have what you need!

Boat gauges will fail at some point, and when you are ready for replacement gauges Defender has got you covered! From diesel engine gauges to outboard motor gauges, all you need to do is measure the one you have and order a new one on line!

Custom gauge sets to single gauges for every application at Defender.

Defender offers several boxed sets of marine gauges as well as fuel, speed, tachometers, hour meters and temperature gauges. Digital multi gauges are available as well as single products in black, white or chrome, most with custom bezels. Defender Marine even offers a media player gauge with Bluetooth! Whatever you need you?ll find it here!

Play it safe when replacing your gauges.

Finding the right replacement for your marine gauge at Defender is easy. Our extensive selection includes just about any gauge your boat could ever need. We recommend more research before you order - most gauges are shipped complete, but check your wiring and connections for corrosion and then make a parts list. You'll be happy to have all the parts you need, all available at Defender, before you start installing new marine gauges!