About Fishing

Fishing Supplies

If fishing is described as an endless opportunity for hope, then outfitting a boat with fishing supplies is a license to shop! From the big items like outriggers and live baitwells to the other fishing supplies like hooks, line, bait, and an endless number of lures for all the different types of fish, Defender Marine can get you started in style!

The Cockpit makes the world go round

Outriggers are effective in expanding the field of baits put out for the fish, the "spread" is enlarged by adding baits in different positions on the riggers; the best outriggers depend on the boat style, length, and type of mount. Outfit the cockpit with rod holders, bait tables, and other fishing supplies like gaffs and nets from Defender.

Not all fish eat the same seafood!

A variety of bait types also expand the species a crew can effectively fish for. Live bait wells and live well pumps enable fishermen to catch and carry live bait to the fishing grounds and open up their list of target species. Defender Marine offers temporary bait wells and several replacement pumps for live wells.

And all the extra fishing supplies a man could ever want!

Check your application to determine the correct size of trolling motor and head for the lakes! Install a rod holder-mounted bait table or use the extra high-density polyethylene table for fileting and cleaning fish. Underwater lights, available with a thru-hull or flush mount, add the final extra touch for nighttime fishing or just the coolest look at the dock!