Whether you’re a serious racer, a performance cruiser, or a casual day sailor, brands like B&G and Raymarine provide advanced sailing features to help you sail FAST!

B&G and Raymarine chartplotters each include the features you want as a sailor, but they are referred to by unique names within each brand. To help you navigate and compare the two brands we have provided the cheat sheet below so you can be sure your comparison research is complete.

Sailing Data: Easily access critical sailing data neatly organized on one screen.


Layline Calculator: Whether you’re racing to the next mark or cruising to the next port of call, dynamic layline calculation helps you maximize Velocity Made Good to get there fast.


Starting Line Position: Easily ping each end of the start line to ensure you always cross the line first.


Polar Data: Polar Plot data lists your vessel’s maximum performance at various wind speeds and angles. The software in each display can use this to suggest routes and tacks as well as measure your real-time performance vs the boat’s potential. Take advantage of 260 pre-loaded vessel Polar plots on Raymarine or add your own polar files (usually obtained from the boat designer) on B&G.


Weather Routing: Utilize GRIB files from the internet or subscription services like PredictWind, They're and Buoyweather to plan your trip based on wind and weather forecasts.


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