World Leader in Marine Exhaust

The history of Centek Industries is basically the same as the history of marine wet exhaust in general. Way back in 1962 in Boca Raton, FL, Vernay Plastics began what eventually grew to become Centek Industries. In the early days, pioneers in the industry like John Ford developed nearly all the critical designs used by boat builders and repair shops around the globe. Today that tradition continues and Centek is the premier designer and manufacturer of marine exhaust systems.

Centek Industries is now located in Thomasville, GA with a skilled workforce that is second to none. Many of the craftsmen and women have been with Centek for over 25 years and are what sets the company apart. Whether propulsion engines or gen-sets, ski boats to mega yachts and all in between, building the best exhaust components and systems for the best boats in the world is what Centek does.

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