About Canvas

Marine Canvas and Upholstery Supplies

Among the fabrics and textiles used over the years, marine canvas is one that is used for mostly seafaring purposes.
Not only is it strong, easily made into a wide range of shapes and sizes, but it is also extremely resistant to the effects of water.
It stays strong under many conditions and retains its size and strength for long periods of time.
Marine canvas is treated to maintain water repellent qualities which helps it to stay waterproof.
It can be vinyl coated, UV protection treated, dyed any color, and repaired fairly easily compared to synthetic materials.
Since it is very breathable, in spite of a tight weave, it resists mildew and rot like a champ.

Types of Marine Canvas and Upholstery

For just about any fabric surface on your vessel, canvas is as versatile as it is reliable.
From boat covers to seat covers, curtains, sunshades, and hatch tents, canvas can be found everywhere it is needed on a boat.
Here are just a few of the applications of marine canvas supplies you can find:
  • Boat covers
  • Lee cloth
  • Protective covers
  • Deck sun shades
  • Seat covers and cushions
  • Hatch scoops and tents
  • Cooler cushions
  • Taylormade boat covers
  • Bimini tops
  • Curtain accessories
  • Various cover accessories

Benefits of Canvas and Upholstery

Water resistant:

Even without a secondary waterproof coating, the tight weave of canvas creates a highly water-resistant barrier.
Add a polymer or vinyl coating to it, and marine canvas becomes virtually waterproof.


As natural fibers go, canvas is extremely durable, flexible, and can take a lot of punishment, not only from sunlight, but also water and even abrasions, depending on the grade.


One of the important qualities of canvas is not only does the tight weave create a water-resistant cover, the nature of the material allows for great air flow, which limits the retention of water and the propagation of mold and mildew, which will cause materials to quickly deteriorate without proper conditioning.

Color retention:

When contending with UV radiation from the full brunt of the sun on the water, colors often fade.
Not only is marine canvas extremely colorfast, when it does fade, it is fairly easy to find a close approximation to the color you are replacing that will match the rest of the fabric on your vessel.

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