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Boat Hooks and Moor Boat Hooks

Every boat owner and the captain has one goal always in mind - get to your dock or mooring safely. Boat hooks serve many purposes but the most common is to simply reach that which is out of reach. The Hook and Moor system takes innovation one step further allowing the user to easily thread mooring eyes.

What are the best boat hooks?

Boat docking poles come in many different sizes and configurations. Telescoping poles with hooks and extension poles keep users in a safe position throughout the docking procedure. The best boat hook works for the most applications on your boat and for your crew. Most boat hook poles are fabricated from aluminum making them lightweight for the crew and they also float!

Why upgrade to the Hook and Moor system?

The Hook and Moor system makes threading a cleat at your home dock super easy. It's the day with a little chop and you come bow to a mooring buoy that this innovative tool shines. Reach, Grab, Push, Pull, and Done! Consider your application, where and when you'll be docking your boat - which one of your crew members will be trying to thread that ring on the buoy? Give that guy the best tools you can with the Hook and Moor system.

This is not just a docking pole hook.

Innovations aside, the marine telescoping pole with a hook means an arm's reach just got superhero qualities. Reach, out of your reach, safely from now on!