For those who work on the water

As the mission profiles of our Military and Professional users continue to become ever more challenging and complex, the Zodiac Milpro Group continues to innovate and develop new platforms to make those missions successful. Through the years, we have developed many ranges to match every mission profiles:

  • Navy and Commando Operations
  • Coast Guard and Customer
  • Law Enforcement
  • Search and Rescue
  • Ecotourism

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Zodiac MilPro™ inflatable boats are rugged and tough, quick to deploy, and fast on the water.

They use low engine power, are light, and are virtually uncapsizable, making them the safest Zodiac boats in their class. Able to plane with heavy loads, they can be packed into a bag for easy transportation. Their specific design for easy maintenance and repair keeps the mean time to repair cycle low and efficient.