Windlass Replacement Parts

About Windlass Replacement Parts

Windlass Accessories

Defender Marine offers a wide collection of windlass accessories to cover your needs. Many parts work together to lower and raise your anchor - quality parts will make the experience more efficient, as well as make it safer. Choose from extensive windlass parts and upgrade your equipment today!

Up or Down?

Without a switch, it'll be hard to direct your windlass system to raise or lower your anchor. Foot switches allow the crew to manage the windlass while leaving hands free to follow the anchor rode or even multitask! New windlass parts, including remote windlass switches, are a DIYers dream. Improve your current system with new switches and get those shots of anchor chain out (or in) in a hurry.

Decisions, Decisions

Foot switches can operate your windlass system without a solenoid or control box. Imagine the convenience of a wireless push-button controller for your windlass system! Or count shots electronically one foot at a time. From solenoids to control boxes and spare spools to maintenance kits, once you decide on the path to your upgrade the sky is the limit!


Defender can supply you with the right maintenance kit to perform upkeep on your existing windlass. Windlass replacement part kits consist of the commonly required replacement parts for a particular system, so that you can replace them when you need to (rather than have to). Routine maintenance on your windlass system can offer you peace of mind - it's far safer to perform upkeep at your convenience than to have an old part malfunction while in action. An extra maintenance kit can be kept aboard for additional confidence; you'll have your toolkit at the ready if needed!