About Watersports

Watersports & Activities

Nothing brings a family together like a day on the water! Fun and games dockside, beachside, or boat side are just a click away. Towables, inflatables, safety gear and even organizers to carefully stow all your toys while not in use are available right here at Defender. Watersports gear accessories, inflatable pumps, and family games are also available online.

Safety first

The proper safety equipment is the best place to start when playing on the water. Any personal watercraft, inflatable paddleboard, or tow behind watersports equipment requires a personal floatation device. Choose the best-fitting PFD and one that won't get in the way of all that activity! And don't forget your furry friends ? they love the water too. Watersports safety equipment for animal floatation and swim-outs are available right here at Defender.

Then the fun

Watersports equipment includes snorkeling aids, floating toys, inflatable docks, and lots of towable tubes. The fun never stops with a variety of watersports gear for every member of your crew and all walks of life. Paddle the day away in an inflatable kayak or float to your heart's content on one of Defenders' personal inflatable floating toys.

What to do with watersports gear when the fun is over

Ski ropes, paddles, even kayaks have a place to rest with racks and keepers designed specifically for watersports equipment storage. Protect watersports gear when it is not in use and know where everything is at first glance by accessing storage needs and carefully choosing the watersports accessories you will need.