Storage & Winterizing

About Storage & Winterizing

Boat Winterizing Kits

Taking care of your boat means putting her away for winter in the best environment possible. Cold temperatures, ice flows, and even heavy rain and snow can all wreak havoc on the inside, mechanics, outside coatings, and bright work of your boat. Defender Marine offers the best options to safely and effectively protect her from all of that by winterizing the boat.

Winter is coming

Every season our boats give us everything they have to keep family and crew happy. From runs offshore chasing pelagics to endless loops around the lake dragging skiers and inflatable tubes. Winter is coming and it's the worst time to neglect your boat's systems. Winterizing your boat in preparation for the off-season is the best way to take care of her. Sometimes that even means hauling out and blocking for the season. On the hill or in storage, keep your boat safe and protect her from the elements

  • Boat stands for haul outcome in several styles including stands for the keel, elongated, angled stands for sailboat hulls, and heavy-duty stands for power boats
  • Shrink wrap is a great option for boats in storage. Wrap and heat tools can be ordered at Defender Marine for the confident DIYer!

There are so many things that hold water on a boat, how do they even float?

The short story is boats float because of disbursement. Water aboard includes all types of tanks and strainers that hold water, Hoses that have backflow of water inside. Parts of the engine that are water cooled and have the smallest amount of water that is ready to freeze and then EXPAND come winter. The expansion is what cracks hoses, blows fixtures apart, and breaks strainers. Boat winterization kits can help you avoid much of that.

If all else fails and Spring isn't what you imagined

Boaters up north might find their channel markers and buoys moved in an ice flow. Down the coast, Spring might bring with it a cracked hot water heater or strainer bowls that need replacing after a little water inside froze and expanded over winter. The worst news yet could be a cracked head gasket or lower unit on motors left unwinterized.

Remember, invest a little time and treasure into preparation or a lot later in repairs. Defender offers a full line of products to get ready for winter!

  • Buoys designed with a slim profile to avoid movement with ice flows
  • De-icers that keep the water flow active around boats and docks in order to keep ice from forming
  • In cabin boat heaters
  • Antifreeze for engines and water lines
  • Winterization kits that include water heater bypass hoses, blow-out plugs for removing water from water lines and hand pumps to push antifreeze through the system
  • Outboard engine flush kits