SmartPlug power products are made in Seattle using the highest quality materials. Our products are known for enhanced safety and ease of use. The unique and patented design features include self-alignment (asymmetrical plug shape & no L-shaped pin), push straight-in connection (no more twisting), and superior thermal performance (eliminates overheating due to increased metal-to-metal contact).

SmartPlug power products are designed to meet or exceed all US Marine UL, Canadian CSA, and European CE code requirements. Our products come with a 7-year warranty which exceeds the industry 5-year standard.

SmartPlug power products are:


  • 27x more electrical contact
  • Maximizes electrical transfer
  • Multi-point locking system
  • Solid sleeve connection
  • Triple weatherproof seals


  • No L-shaped pins - easy to use at night
  • Plugs straight in - no twisting required
  • No misalignment issues
  • No cross-threading problems
  • LED power indicator light - molded cordsets


  • Push the connector straight in
  • No twisting required
  • Dual stainless side levers
  • Automatically lock into the inlet
  • The stainless cover snaps down onto the connector body

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SmartPlug is the Solution to Shore Power Failure

The Problem

Contrary to popular belief, the #1 cause of shore power failure and fires is not electrical shorting, but rather overheating caused by poor electrical conductivity. How does this happen? The problem with many plug designs is that the shape of electrical pins allows for very little contact area, and the pins themselves are also largely responsible for bearing any physical stress placed on the cord (from the constant movement of the boat, someone tripping on the cord, etc.)

This results in the pins working loose, further lessening the precious little contact area they had to begin with. Furthermore, such loose connections allow for moisture intrusion and ultimately corrosion of the pins.

Arcing occurs and the connection heats up, scorches, and in some cases, catches fire. Because the current draw is unchanged, all of this happens long before a breaker or a GFCI can cut the power. Additionally, the old design can be very difficult to use in low light or hard-to-reach scenarios since the L-shaped pin must first be located and then oriented before connection.

The Solution

SmartPlug's 4-Stage solution protects against overheating every step of the way. Loose connections are addressed by a Sleeve Design and Multi-Point Locking System which take all the physical stress off of the pins while securely fastening the plug to the receptacle. The pin contact area is increased by more than 27x and protected behind three weatherproof seals for a dry and corrosion-free connection.