How Do I Choose What Size Shrink Wrap To Buy?

To determine the shrink wrap size that you need, measure from the center of your boat, at the highest point, over the side, and down at least 8” below where you want the bottom of the shrink wrap cover to end.

As an example, if you are going to shrink wrap a power boat with an arch, measure from the center of the arch to down below the rub rail. To be sure you have enough shrink wrap for the weld hems on each side, double that figure, and then add 1 foot.

The extra foot allows for a 6-inch weld hem to be wrapped around the perimeter band. To create the weld hem you will tuck the shrink wrap under the perimeter band and heat-weld it. The weld hem should be continuous around the perimeter of the wrap, if possible.

The following shrink wrap size chart is a helpful place to get an approximate idea of how much shrink wrap you need but definitely measure before placing your shrink wrap order.

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