Rigged Inflatable Boats

About Rigged Inflatable Boats

Rigid Inflatable Boats

A favorite boat among fishermen, whale watchers, explorers, towboat operators, law enforcement, Navy Seals, and Coast Guard rescuers. These hard-working boats are even a popular choice among recreational boaters. What kind of boat is good for so many different tasks? Well, that's easy! A rigid inflatable boat, or RIB, and RIB's are one of the most versatile boats on any body of water!

Rigid inflatable boat (RIB) advantages

When a boater needs a boat that's economical, reliable, easy to handle, and can tackle rough water, there's really only one choice. The RIB can meet all of those needs and more! It's lightweight, incredibly stable, and lets you get the job done - whatever that job might be! This powerful, fast boat is also economical. Because of its lightweight (it's an inflatable after all) it doesn't need a large engine or correspondingly large fuel costs.These boats were developed at Atlantic College in Wales for one specific purpose. They were designed for rough water sea rescues off the often brutal coast of Wales. Since they excel at that job, just imagine how well they'll perform at any task you might expect of them!

Defender's selection of RIBs:

  • We carry an extensive range of rigged rigid-hulled inflatables in our inventory!
  • One of our rigid inflatable dinghies is the perfect complement to your larger craft.
  • Our RIBs come from top manufacturers like AB Inflatables, Achilles, Avon, Mercury, Zodiac, Zodiac Mil-Pro, and Zodiac Rec Pro and -brand RIB.
  • We're also proud of our very own Defender line of custom built and rigged RIBs!

Why should you get your RIB from Defender?

At Defender, we're excited to offer the finest quality equipment to boating enthusiasts. After all, doing so has been our passion since 1938!You'll love the prices and customer service we offer, too. Let us help you find the rigid inflatable boat.