Replacement Bulbs

About Replacement Bulbs

Replacement Bulbs for Boats

Marine light bulbs are fairly unique from top to bottom. Applications are nearly endless as well with replacement lightbulbs for boats including everything from navigation to overhead fixtures. Defender Marine offers a wide variety of marine light bulbs to fit every need aboard.

What kind of bulb is this??

Identifying the replacement marine bulb is the first step in choosing a new one. The base style is the place to start for choosing the correct replacement light bulb, matching the bi-pin, single contact, or even screw base of the old bulb will eliminate a lot of guesswork. On the other end LED, Halogen, and incandescent-style marine bulbs are an option of choice.

Adaptors and conversion kits offer more options

With all those styles of marine light bulb bases sometimes it may be easier to choose a marine bulb and then a conversion kit. Adaptors to the two-prong style base and even conversion kits to LED-style bulbs are offered for boaters looking to replace marine light bulbs.

Marine light bulbs for every application

You name it - you got it! There are marine replacement light bulbs for exterior applications like navigational lights, anchor lights, trailer lights, and spotlights. Inside the cabin, marine light bulbs are offered for chart lights, overhead lights, interior halogen lights, and screw-in lamp lights designed for the marine environment.