About Refrigeration

Marine Refrigerators and Freezers

A wide variety of refrigeration and freezer units await you at Defender, as well as holding plate units, ice makers, marine ice chests, wine chillers and cooler boxes. Complete voltage converters are also available so your galley can be as gourmet as the one at home.

What kind of combinations are there for marine refrigerators and freezers?

Marine Drawer type refrigerators are available in single and double drawer units. Combination refrigerator units offer freezer space and are available from 2 cubic feet up to over 5 cubic feet. Boat refrigerators and marine freezers compliment Defender's line of ice makers, wine coolers and portable units.

How many upgrade options are there for boat refrigeration units?

Size matters when it comes to storing the family's food on the boat. Finding space for a larger unit upgrades your galley immediately and retrofitting can be a simple process. A drawer unit can free up much needed space in the galley. Designed specifically for marine applications the lineup of manufacturers available through Defender is simply the best!

What marine freezer and fridge parts are available online?

Marine refrigerator parts available from Defender Marine include evaporator systems and condensing units for quick boat refrigerator and freezer repairs. Holding plate kits, trim kits and specialized door panels aid in seamless integration of retrofitted units.