Potable Water Tubing

About Potable Water Tubing

Hose - Potable Water Tubing and Hoses

Blue and red colored boat plumbing hose is the standard potable water tubing for quick connect plumbing systems. Marine plumbing hose and tubing also work with standard marine plumbing fittings. Sold by the foot in a variety of diameters, polyethylene tubing also has optional PSI ratings. Clear PVC tubing for unpressurized systems is also available for potable water applications.

What is a quick connect plumbing system?

Whale's quick-connect fittings and marine plumbing hoses eliminate the need for standard hose clamps and connection tools. Tubing cutters for Whale potable water hoses ensure a clean cut and tight fit to the quick connect fittings. This is a proven and easy install system for the DIYer.

Is potable water tubing FDA compliant?

All the marine plumbing hose available at Defender Marine is FDA compliant and approved for drinking water. Our boat plumbing tubing is lead-free and odorless for specific use as a drinking water hose.

Boat plumbing hose is fabricated of different materials.

Polyethylene is a commonly used material to fabricate waterlines including marine plumbing hoses. PVC tubing and reinforced PVC tubing are perfect alternatives to poly tubing in unpressurized systems. Reinforced 3-ply polyester PVC boat plumbing hose is a third option in stock at Defender Marine for marine water lines.