About Paints

Boat Paints

Paint for boats is formulated to perform in a myriad of environments and to adhere to vastly different materials. Sailboat paint encompasses hull and bottom paint as well as varnish for wood surfaces. Outboard boat owners most likely will need boat paint to touch up their motor while many powerboats feature nonskid boat paint on many surfaces for safety. Defender offers all types of boat paint.

There is a boat paint for every application ? make sure you use the right one!

Marine-grade paints are formulated specially to adhere to different materials and surfaces while withstanding moisture, UV exposure, and even submersion in water. Surface preparation is always a key in successfully applying boat paint but confirming the material that will be painted is the most important. Boat paint manufacturers have developed paints for boats that will cover aluminum, wood, and fiberglass, but these are three different boat coatings and are not interchangeable.

Read the directions, please.

Yes, there is an art to spraying boat paint. The more practice the better a painter will become but painting your own boat if you do not expect a professional job, is certainly something any boat owner can try. Prep work is key, but there is one other important factor in using boat paint. Read the can! Not every boat paint manufacturer mixes their paints, accelerators, and reducers in the same ratios so take the time to read the instructions and know what they mean. Before mixing, if there are any questions, contact the experts at Defender Marine for more insight.

Strip it down, then build it up

Removing old coatings is the best start for a satisfying paint project. Whether old varnish or bottom paint, taking the boat back to its original surface offers the best environment for proper boat paint adhesion. Stripped of paint, the boat may reveal the need for wood repair, fillers, or fairing compound to prepare and smooth the surface before painting. Defender Marine offers a full line of paint strippers as well as primers, sealers, and surface repair and preparation compounds. Safety equipment, caulk, tape, and all types of applicators are also available; thoroughly review your project and chosen boat paint to create an accurate list of materials before the boat painting project starts.