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Outboard Motors & Accessories

The motor you choose when you first purchase your new boat or the motor you choose for a repower down the road can be found right at Defender.com. Keep in mind the weight of the motor and the max horsepower recommended by your boat's manufacturer. Also note that remote outboards can be purchased right here but must be installed by a factory representative. Defender makes the arrangements simple, by e-mailing [email protected]. Note: Honda allows 30 HP and below remote outboards to be installed by the customer, but are available thru store pickup only.

Defender offers several motor manufacturers and the option to go electric as opposed to gas. We even stock Evinrude's Rescue Pro Pump Jet line, ideal for shallow water applications or anywhere swimmers are prevalent.

Outboard Motor Brands
Torqeedo (Electric)

Gasoline outboards come with rope start in the smaller hp range, while the larger HP ranges have electric start with power trim and tilt. Some are even both rope- and electric-start for convenience.

4 Stroke Options and weights (low range listed)

  • 2.5 HP - 29.5 LBS
  • 6 HP - 57 LBS
  • 8 HP - 81.5 LBS
  • 15 HP - 95 LBS
  • 20 HP - 95 LBS

Torqeedo Electric Motor Accessories and Parts
Electric kayak motors, Cruise motors, Travel motors, and sailboat-specific motors are all available today from Defender Marine. Torqeedo’s Electric Cruise motors power up at 24 or 48 volts and offer thrust equivalent up to 20 HP, while Travel motors put out an equivalent of up to 3 horsepower. Ulltralight kayak motors come with remote throttle control, 4-position tilt and integrate easily with a kayak’s steering unit.

  • Torqeedo backs up their extensive line of electric motors with parts and accessories including: keys, switches, charging cables, battery chargers, anodes, propellers and extension cables

You have the right motor - Now treat her right!
Motor maintenance (like trailer and boat maintenance) is worth its weight in gold. A quality motor that is well taken care of can last forever. Start here with parts and accessories. The Defender Marine Team is always available to help you decide on the best parts for your needs.

Motor Brackets

  • Transom protection plates
  • Rail motor mounts
  • Tube mounts

Safety Accessories

  • Outboard locks, safety cables and steering lock kits
  • Prop guards
  • Emergency shut-off lanyards - kill switch keys

Miscellaneous Parts

  • Motor carriers and totes
  • Motor covers

Performance Parts

  • Trim tabs
  • Hydrofoils

Engine Flush Out Kits

  • Flush out valves & Kits, Inboard motor flusher, Flush plugs

Fuel Tanks, Lines and Additives

  • Portable tanks with gauges
  • Filters, Water separation elements, Fuel demand valves
  • Fuel Lines 6 to 12 feet in length including primers and connectors
  • Primers, fittings and connectors
  • Ethanol-free fuel, Fuel treatments

Oil, Lube and Filters

  • Engine oil
  • Lower unit oil
  • Grease
  • Oil and fuel filters