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From its humble beginnings in the 1930s, when the Kiekhaefer Corporation refurbished and sold outboard motors as part of a plan to fund a startup dairy equipment business, Mercury Marine outboard motors have garnered a reputation for quality. Mercury specializes in durable, lightweight outboard motors for every occasion, and Defender is proud to offer the quality that Mercury outboard motors represent.

Over the decades, Mercury has built on its reputation as a leading outboard engine manufacturer and still holds records to prove its dependability, fuel economy, and performance. In 1957, two Mercury 90 HP motors set endurance records on a test lake, running 50,000 miles at an average speed of over 30 MPH continuously (stopping only to swap drivers and routine maintenance), and were still well within factory tolerances for wear and performance. This is a record that has never been beaten.

These stories have built on the reputation of one of the most recognizable outboard motors today. Mercury engines today benefit from the quality, craftsmanship, and reliability developed over the last 70 years.

The right outboard for your size of boat

Choosing the right outboard motor is important for the job you need the motor to do and the size of your boat.  A boat can be highly maneuverable with a smaller, lighter-weight motor, and bigger doesn't always mean better, especially when weight is a concern. A motor that is too large can cause the bow of your boat to ride too high in the water, or even create excessive drag when running at slow speeds. A motor that is too small can be overworked based on the load.

Benefits of buying from Defender Industries

Defender has been in the outboard motor and marine parts industry for decades. With our trusted team, you can rest assured that you will be introduced to the best equipment to suit your needs, as well as the quality of service, care, and customer satisfaction that makes Defender a leader in the field.

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More about Mercury Outboard Motors

Mercury outboard motors are popular among boaters for their reliability, power, and fuel efficiency.
Mercury offers a wide range of outboard motor options to suit the needs of different boaters. For example, the Mercury 2.5 HP motor is an excellent option for small inflatable boats.
One of the key benefits of choosing a Mercury outboard motor is its reliability. These motors are designed and built to withstand the demands of marine use and are tested to ensure they can stand up to the most challenging conditions. Additionally, Mercury offers a wide range of maintenance and repair services to keep your motor running smoothly.
Power is another crucial advantage of Mercury outboard motors. These motors offer a wide range of horsepower options to suit any boater's needs. From the 2.5 HP motor for small inflatables to the 350 HP Verado for large offshore boats, Mercury has an engine that can provide the power you need to get where you're going.
Fuel efficiency is also an essential consideration for many boaters, and Mercury outboard motors are designed to be highly efficient. Many of their outboards come equipped with advanced features like multi-port fuel injection, which helps to optimize fuel usage and reduce emissions. Additionally, many Mercury outboards are designed with the ability to run on both regular gasoline and ethanol-blended fuel, which can help save money on fuel costs.
Mercury outboard motors are also known for their versatility. Many of their models offer different gear ratios and propeller choices, giving various applications such as top speed, fuel economy, and thrust.
In conclusion, Mercury outboard motors are an excellent choice for boaters looking for a robust, reliable, and efficient motor. With a wide range of options to suit the needs of different types of boats and advanced features to optimize fuel usage and reduce emissions, Mercury outboard motors are sure to provide a great boating experience.