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Majestic Electronics is the Global Leader in 12 Volt Entertainment products. Established in Australia in 2000, Majestic has been engineering and developing world leading 12 Volt Entertainment for the Marine and RV environment which can be found on 5 continents around the world. Majestic LED TVs include Global HD tuners that work in over 150 countries and are packed with new technology such as built-in DVD Player, PVR on DVB-T Signals, Majestic Link, ARC, USB for Multi Media and MMMI for iOS and Android capable devices to give you full HD video interface. The Majestic UFO X Marine TV Antenna is the latest in digital technology and high performance for TV Reception in any mobile environment. It has the highest gain of any TV antenna for its tiny 27cm Diameter. It might be small but it is packed with powerful technology.

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