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Boating Jackets

Looking for a waterproof, winter ocean sailing coat or a lightweight smock that keeps up with the rigors and athleticism of racing - Defender has a full line of boating jackets for ladies and gentlemen. Available in a wide range of colors and styles choosing the right sailing jacket or offshore jacket is nearly as simple as point and click!

Wind, water, and sun-proof!

Protecting yourself from sun exposure by covering a bikini with clothing is a no-brainer but did you know that some materials are UV ray resistant? Boating jackets that offer a water-resistant coating on fabric promise a dry interior when your station is in the spray but are completely waterproof offshore jackets also boat taped seams and reinforced zippers.

And the USCG approves

Several float jackets are offered with Type III floatation designations. That means that life jackets are not required in addition to these boating jackets. The US Coast Guard has provided approval for these high-visibility offshore jackets as personal floatation devices.

All styles and sizes of boating jackets

From lightweight summer styles to cold winter, waterproof with a hood Defender has got you covered. Fleece-lined boating jackets, cotton hoodies, and fast-drying performance fabric shirts are also available in a variety of styles and colors for ladies and men. Floatation gear, including bibs and float jackets, can replace Type III PDFs while keeping boaters visible in the waves.