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Revolutionary 4-Speed Winches

In 2018, Karver acquired the Pontos company and applied 15 years of experience to make this range of winches even more efficient. Do not try to compare Karver winches with others: they are simply incomparable! The KWS range (Ultra Speed) and KWP (Ultra Power) are 4-speed winches: 2 classic speeds and 2 extras for either 6 times more speed (KWS) or 3 times more power (KWP). The Compact (KWC) is an ultra-compact 2-speed winch for sailboats up to 40 feet (12 meters): 1 ultra-fast speed and 1 ultra-powerful speed. A 2-in-1 winch! The range meets both the expectations of racers (speed) but also blue-water cruisers and families who can enjoy the power developed to grind without forcing.

How 4-Speed Winches Work

They look innocent enough. In fact, they look almost identical to other two-speed winches, but that's where the similarity ends. Karver four-speed winches revolutionize the winch operation by use of a clutch and trigger mechanism that allows seamless and intuitive-with a simple change of direction in the winch handle-engagement of two extra gears. The patented trigger mechanism moves up and down in the drum housing to engage the clutch; as the load decreases the clutch automatically moves back down. This clutch system provides two additional speeds. In the KSW Speed Winch, those speeds are put to use to provide faster line handling; in the KPW Power Winch those gears are used to provide more power for the same winch size when handling lines.

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Which Karver Winch is Right For You?

  • Racers: Each second counts on the race course. Faster tacks mean a faster boat. Choose the Grinder.
  • Cruisers: Who Don't Have the Muscles of Hercules-No reason to retire the boat when your shoulders start to give out. Use the mechanical advantage of a four-speed winch. Check out the KPW, or if on a smaller boat, consider the KCW.
  • Singlehanders: For racers, the KSW is pre-loaded, making slack line retrieval six times faster. Result: back up to speed in seconds. For cruisers, the KSW gets you a bigger boat or more powerful sails.
  • Shorthanded Cruisers or Sailors with New Crew: The tacking move is simplified with the KPW, so you can handle the sheeting during a tack, easing the burden on your new crew. Sailing families with young children-or and other non-beefy crew will benefit from the KSW. Raising and furling sails has never been easier.
  • Smaller Boats: The KCW Compact Winch is the answer.