About Instruments

Marine Instruments

Sailing navigation is made easy with a variety of electronics offered by Defender. Marine navigation tools, bundles, and a full line of accessories cover all boat navigation needs. Multifunction marine instruments offer an alternative when installation space and budget are tight.

Which marine instruments are important to sailing?

Anyone on the water can benefit from as much information as possible but it could be argued that sailing navigation and wind indicators are the essentials to skippers on sailboats. Depth finders and speed monitors might be seen as sailing frivolity, but any sailor would be happy to have these marine instruments in their electronics package.

Sailing into the wind

Technically there is no such thing. Sailing directly into the wind cuts down the angle and doesn't allow the sails to capture the wind, which propels the boat. Here's where sailing navigation tools and packages come into play. Wind indicators monitor the strength and direction of the wind while navigating correctly to capture the wind is essential.

How to navigate your cruise

Here's where depth finders, plotters, and temperature gauges become a more important part of your sailing navigation package. Cruising on your sailboat means less about wind and more about other boats, obstacles, and, of course, finding your way home. Defender Marine offers full sailboat navigation packages and multifunction marine electronics units for the family sailboat and the competitive team!