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About Hardware, Hinges & Latches

Marine Hardware

Whether you're redesigning the interior or doing routine repairs, marine hardware will always be essential. What's a cabinet good for without a hinge and lock to hold the door in place? Can't have items rolling around while you're on the water! Boat hardware for every application in a variety of finishes is available today at Defender Marine!

How Am I Supposed to Open This??

Looking for handles and latches? Classic lift handles are available for your convenience. Lift rings and latches are a great choice for when you'd like your handle to lay flat, such as for storage areas on the deck of your vessel or hatches.


Hatch hinges are designed to be heavy-duty, and ready to handle the weight. Door and cabinet hinges are available to replace the squeaky hinge that WD-40 just won?t fix, as well as to supply you with a fresh interior. If removing a door/hatch is more convenient for you than leaving it open, take-apart hinges are exactly what you need - these hinges can be taken apart and put back together with ease.


Want to keep those doors and cabinets in place? Look no further! Door hooks can hold an open door in place (even in rough waters), in case you'd rather have a door propped open than closed. Whether you're looking to reinforce a cabinet or show that an area is private, barrel bolt locks are a great asset on any vessel. Regardless of how rough the waters get, a barrel bolt lock will hold cabinets or doors closed.